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Ancient Idols


The Idols

The Idols are strange creatures, usually giant in size, who roamed and ruled the Eyreth long before humans came into existence. The Idols are largely obscured, and not much is truly known about them in today's modern age.

In a time known as the Age of Idols, it is believed that hundreds, if not more, Idols roamed the Eyreth. They varied a great deal, and fought one and other for centuries.

Many Idols have a similar self awareness as humans. Others lack this awareness, but have a wisdom and understanding far beyond what humans could ever imagine. Most Idols are neutral by nature; they strive to do neither good nor evil, their goal being to focus on their own true nature. Some however lean towards one side or the other, due to either conscious choice, or lack of sympathy.

Humans do not normally encounter Idols. One will most likely go their entire lives never encountering an Idol, but to the vast majority of people their existence in the world is not one of question. Even though the Idols themselves may go unseen, many of them leave traces of their presence behind, and there have been enough recorded encounters in the current age to quell any suspicion.

The Idols are not gods, but they are influential on the lives of humans and the land.
From the Age of Idolatry, 32 different figurines have been found that are believed to have been carved in the likeness of an Idol. However, ever since the Age of Kings when recorded history began, only 12 have been noted in existence.

All 12 Idols are recognized out of respect, but a few of them are very much feared, unwanted presences.

The 12 Idols

The Raven

The Spinner

The Manta

The Serpent

The Shifter

The Sphynx

The Elder

The Wyvern

The Tussick

The Drynegog

The Nahgerott

The Oracle

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