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Witches takes place in an AU (alternate universe) type setting - where things are very much like the world as we know it, but also very different.

World Summary
When strange beings begin to appear across the globe in modern day Earth, controversy and fear begin to spread as well. The beings were dubbed "demons" by the EOD (End of days) movement, and its spokesperson, a former evangelical televangelist by the name of Harold Kelms, a now self-professed profit of god. Thanks to his fear mongering, a religious movement against the so-called "demons" has been escalating for the last few decades, and when young girls begin to experience strange dreams, the panic hits the fan.

Starting anywhere from the time a child can speak to age five, young girls tell their parents about the strange visitor who is searching for them in their dreams. At first, the phenomenon went unnoticed or ignored, as children often have odd and peculiar dreams. But when the girls enter their teenage years, somewhere between 16 and 19, those strange visitors come to find them, and by the 25th year since the demons began to appear, more and more young girls are expressing these dreams.

Witches, the EOD calls them - women who consort with devils. Both women and girls begin disappearing across the world, as fearful extremists attempt to purge their evil. While many churches and religious groups begin to buy into the End of Days movement, many still preach tolerance and acceptance, and sectors of most major religions split into two categories, EOD advocates, and not.

The Earth is a big place, and with demons appearing world wide the controversy isn't only affecting the USA. Extremists begin abducting and even killing women on a world wide scale, and the frequency skyrockets when the indigo children begin to appear. Originally used as a spiritual term to describe particularly intuitive children, the phrase was adopted as a term for the peculiar offspring of demons and witches. Quiet, intuitive, introverted, and exceptionally intelligent with violet colored eyes, these children are orphaned at an alarming rate, but rarely found dead.

As fear cascades across the US, in Spring Valley, Ohio, Atropa and her family in their rural farming community, seem far away from the troubles of the outside world. Suddenly at 23, Atropa begins to experience a series of odd dreams. But she couldn't possibly be a witch... could she?



Plot Summary

Atropa sets off from her rural home town to discover the meaning of her strange new dreams. Seeking out a well known witch known as Starling in New York City, she experiences first hand the frightening prejudice facing the witch community. Adopting the name with pride rather than taking offence, the witches form "covens"- support groups aimed at helping each other with the trials and dangers of being associated with demons.

It is quickly revealed that the demon seeking out Atropa is not your average demon, and that the holy war being waged against them is only a fraction of the problem. A war within their world is also waging and as a dark and vengeful demon appears, Atropa's self proclaimed mate is torn between her, and revenge.


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